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15 January 2015
11 Fuel efficient cars in SA
Are you one of those car owners who will wait until the last hour before midnight when the fuel price increases or decreases before filling up, even if it means that your car may have to run on fuel fumes for a day? This list won't include electric-powered motors, hybrids, or Porsches. We do believe that the cost of buying the car should not outstrip the savings on fuel economy. Lower Price Range Vehicle Claimed Average Fuel Consumption in litres/100km Image Volkswagen Polo 1.2TDI Blue motion 3.4 Ford Fiesta 1.6TDCi (Diesel) 3.6 Citroen C3 eHDI 3.7 Renault Clio Expression 4.5 Clio Dynamique 4.5 Ford Fiesta Titanium 4.5 Higher Price Range Vehicle Claimed Average Fuel Consumption in litres/100km Image Volvo V40 D2 (Diesel) 3.6 Audi A1 1.6TDI (Diesel) 3.8 Renault Megane 1.6dci 4.0 Mercedes Benz A200 CDI (Turbo-diesel) 4.1 Audi A3 1.6TDI A3 TDI 4.7 So there you have it. From the diesel-powered Ford Fiesta 1.6TDCi to the turbo-diesel powered Mercedes Benz A200 CDI, eleven fuel-saver cars that may ease the tug on your purse strings. Disclaimer: The following estimated fuel consumption figures are claimed rather than actual. Actual fuel consumption and emission will depend on many factors including your driving habits, prevailing conditions and your vehicle's equipment, condition and use. The intended use of this information table is as a guide in your decision making when purchasing a vehicle.
28 May 2021
Most Searched For Second-Hand Cars in 2021
Whether it's curiosity or necessity that’s piqued your interest in second-hand car sales, we’ve got you covered with a list of the most popular second-hand cars of 2021. The list is composed of five categories, with the most notable brands throughout being VW, BMW and Toyota. There’s something to suit every taste and style here. Have a look. Most Search For Hatchbacks VW takes the cake in the hatchback category, holding down first, second, and third place of the most searched for second-hand cars. The three hatchback cars in ascending order are: The VW Golf The VW Polo The VW Polo Vivo The BMW 1 Series The classic Toyota Yaris Most Search For Sedans Volkswagen has done it again with the most searches in the sedan category. The Volkswagen Polo sedan is a premium option, but so is the ever-faithful and popular Toyota Corolla. Also occupying space in this bracket is the luxurious BMW 3 Series, the stylish and slick Mercedes-Benz C Class, and the Audi A3. Most Searched For SUVs BMW holds two spots in this category with the BMW X5 and BMW X3, both stable, reliable family cars that are perfect for exploring the long open roads of South Africa. High up on the list are the Ford Everest and Toyota Fortuner, that seem to be so perfectly matched up against one another. Also on the list of the most searched for second-hand cars for 2021 is the Porsche Cayenne. Most Searched For Double Cabs Toyota holds another spot here on our list with the Toyota Hilux commanding everyone’s attention. The Ford Ranger is another one of the most popular second-hand double cabs for 2021, as is the Nissan Navara. VW makes another appearance in this category with the VW Amarok. Who could say no to any of these options? Most Searched For Single Cabs You’d be correct in assuming that the single cabs would be very much the same as Double Cabs, and you’d be correct. Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Nissan are all high fliers in the most searched for single cabs for 2021. The Isuzu D-Max also makes a firm footing in its position as one of the favourites. If you’re in the market for a second-hand car or just interested in second-hand car sales, we hope this list provides you with the info you need. If not, feel free to contact us at any time and we will help you find the car of your dreams.
16 April 2021
Top Five Must-Have Accessories In A Used Car
When buying a second-hand car, we often expect the car to feel and seem second-hand too. If you’re in the market for a used car, you want to get the best possible value for your money. The following accessories are not essential, but they form a part of the most basic and implied accessories that you will want in your car and may easily overlook. Keep an eye out for the following accessories in the second-hand car that you choose to buy: 1. Floor Mats A detail that many will easily overlook is the floor mats. Your second-hand car should definitely have removable floor mats. They’re specifically sized to the footwells of your car and catch dirt and mud in an easily removable and cleanable mat. 2. Spare Tyre Spare tyres are important for the most basic reason. If you’ve ever been stuck with a flat tyre and no replacement, you’ll understand why. Tyres also come at a cost, so it’s imperative that the used car you buy comes with one that is new and ready to fit in an emergency. 3. Jack And Wheel Spanner A jack is a mechanical lifting device that raises the car when the tyre needs to be changed, and a wheel spanner loosens and tightens the nuts and bolts on a wheel. These tools are mandatory for changing a tyre, and also for the roadworthiness of your car. They can be expensive to buy if not included in the second-hand car deal.They are often also overlooked during purchase. 4. Decent Sound System The sound system in your car can keep you company on long drives, making the commute to work a more pleasant experience. Check that the speakers in your used car are not blown or that the sound has not degraded over time. Check any aerials and make sure you test the overall sound quality of your used car sound system before buying the car. 5. USB Or AUX For Smartphone Connectivity Over time, lots of us threw out our CDs and stopped buying our favourite albums because all our music became available on our smartphones. Many cars now have Bluetooth, USB, or AUX options to connect your phone to the car sound system. Older models will be sold with only a CD player, which the car dealer may neglect to tell you. If you only listen to music off your smartphone, look out for these features. With all the excitement surrounding the purchase of a used car, you may forget to pay attention to the finer details. These five suggestions on what accessories to look for in your used car will offer you some direction.
27 August 2021
8 Tips For Choosing The Right Car Brand For You
Most people have a favourite car brand, which makes it easier to choose a new vehicle when the time comes, but how do they come to this decision? Choosing the right car brand is a personal choice. A few things people consider when shopping for a car are reliability, style, interior comfort, workmanship, technological advancement, and safety. Different car brands appeal to different people in each of these areas, so let's look at how to personalise your decision. Consider Your Needs Think about your lifestyle priorities for your car brand: family size, geographical environment, distance to work, etc. Finances Consider how much you can afford to spend, then look at cars that meet your needs and budget. Research And Compare Second-Hand Cars Take time to research your top car brands and models individually. Look at which vehicles accommodate the majority of your main requirements. Speak To A Professional Once you have a few ideal car brands, discuss repair hurdles and any questions or concerns you have with a trusted mechanic. Ask them which brands they see issues in the most. Fuel Consumption Consider how many kilometers your car will see and consequently how important fuel economy is to you. Longevity And Durability Are you the type to replace cars after a few years or stick with a vehicle until its end? In the case of the latter, you should consider car brands that will go the distance. Consider Ownership Costs Look into the general cost of maintenance and parts. Ensure that you can afford the vehicle as well as everything that comes with ownership. Test Drive Your Favour Car Brands Finally, it's time to test drive your top choices because you won’t truly know if you enjoy the car until you’ve driven it. Head to a dealership for zero-commitment test drives and let your favourite car brand find you. Choosing the right car brand for you may seem daunting, but following these tips is sure to make it easier. The Auto Pedigree team is always here to support you. Find a car dealer near you and get in touch.
11 April 2022
Petrol Increase And Your Pocket
With South African petrol prices at a record high, motorists brace themselves for more petrol increases as the Russia and Ukraine war worsens amid rising international fuel prices. And if the mid-month data supplied by the Central Energy Fund is anything to go by, motorists will be forking out close to R20.88 for a litre of 95 Unleaded coastal while inland will cost around R21.60. The cheaper 93 Unleaded will stand around R21.35 per litre. A service centre visit might be overdue. Have you had your car serviced yet? If not, maybe it's time you visited your nearest service centre to maintain its longevity and fuel efficiency. As many South African motorists brace themselves for more petrol increases this April due to the Russia and Ukraine war worsening, many will look for fuel-efficient ways to keep their vehicles running for longer and more efficiently. And if the mid-month data supplied by the Central Energy Fund is anything to go by, motorists will be forking out up to R20.88 for a litre of 95 Unleaded coastal while inland will cost R21.60. The cheaper 93 Unleaded will now stand at R21.35 per litre. So, maybe that vehicle service you have been avoiding is overdue and needed. And while these increases may have motorists and commuters buckling their belts even tighter, not all is lost with these fuel-efficient guidelines to keep you and your vehicle going for longer. Service Your Vehicle A serviced car is like a healthy body, good maintenance and nurturing will keep it running for longer and extend its lifespan. And it all starts with which service centre you use. An accredited service centre will provide your vehicle with adequate professional service ensuring that the necessary oil changes, spark plugs, brake pads and air and fuel filters are timeously changed. As any vehicle owner will tell you, regular vehicle service and maintenance play a pivotal role in extending the lifespan of your vehicle and maintaining its value. More so, regular servicing prevents the vehicle from unforeseeable mechanical problems which tend to be expensive. An unserviced vehicle can use 50% of its fuel by running poorly through having to use extra energy. Take a spark plug, a cleaned one could mean cleaner and more efficient combustion, allowing your vehicle to go further with every litre of fuel. Tyre Pressure This is one aspect of vehicle servicing that is often overlooked. When we visit our nearest petrol garage, we often ask the petrol attendant to “fill our tyres” and he/she will do so with what they know best. However, that is the incorrect way to go about it. The best way is the recommendation from your dealership or manufacturer. Many vehicles will have the tyre pressure number on the inside of the driver's door or in the vehicle's service book. This is to maintain vehicle safety for you on the road as well as other road users. But more importantly, to fill the tyres with the correct air pressure. As a motorist, this ensures efficiency from a financial and fuel-efficient standpoint. A flat or deflated tyre causes poor performance, creates uneven tyre tread and wears out quicker. This increases resistance leading to the engine working harder and more fuel used up. In a nutshell, more energy is used to move a car with a flat or deflated tyre. Drive Slower This is easier said than done but it will save you a few rands and trips to the garage. We all know that driving fast uses more fuel and decreases fuel economy. So, try to accelerate gently because the harder you accelerate, the more fuel you use. Also, driving within the recommended speed limit is more efficient and safer. For certain vehicles that allow, opt for cruise control for highway driving. Fuel Economy- Window or Air Conditioner? To open the window or use the air conditioner? The answer lies in personal preference. In cases that are extreme like humid weather, maybe an air conditioner is a more likely choice, however where the weather permits, an open window will work just as well. However, we can not ignore the fact that an open window will bring in a little draft with it. If you are trying to save fuel, try parking where there is a shade for cooling. Also, get tinted windows to deflect the heat. If you have a lot of errands to run, plan a circular trip rather than several individual trips. If you need to go to Makro in Meadowdale, why not pop in after work when you are already travelling on the R24 from Benoni to Greenstone, then make a standalone Makro trip on a Sunday morning? Planned Trips Combine your errands into one, rather than having several trips. Where it is possible to do so, use the car for important trips that can be rounded off as one trip. This will save you fuel and put more money into your pocket where possible avoid traffic by travelling earlier or a little later. A fully serviced and maintained car will give you many years on the road and save you a lot of money in repairs and unforeseen eventualities. And while having tips for using your fuel sparingly, we hope this article has done its job in highlighting the importance of getting your vehicle serviced. Visit for a service centre near you.