Choosing The Right Car Brand
August 2021

8 Tips For Choosing The Right Car Brand For You

Most people have a favourite car brand, which makes it easier to choose a new vehicle when the time comes, but how do they come to this decision? Choosing the right car brand is a personal choice.

A few things people consider when shopping for a car are reliability, style, interior comfort, workmanship, technological advancement, and safety. Different car brands appeal to different people in each of these areas, so let's look at how to personalise your decision.

Consider Your Needs

Think about your lifestyle priorities for your car brand: family size, geographical environment, distance to work, etc. 


Consider how much you can afford to spend, then look at cars that meet your needs and budget.

Research And Compare Second-Hand Cars

Take time to research your top car brands and models individually. Look at which vehicles accommodate the majority of your main requirements.

Speak To A Professional

Once you have a few ideal car brands, discuss repair hurdles and any questions or concerns you have with a trusted mechanic. Ask them which brands they see issues in the most.

Fuel Consumption

Consider how many kilometers your car will see and consequently how important fuel economy is to you.

Longevity And Durability 

Are you the type to replace cars after a few years or stick with a vehicle until its end? In the case of the latter, you should consider car brands that will go the distance.

Consider Ownership Costs

Look into the general cost of maintenance and parts. Ensure that you can afford the vehicle as well as everything that comes with ownership.

Test Drive Your Favour Car Brands

Finally, it's time to test drive your top choices because you won’t truly know if you enjoy the car until you’ve driven it. Head to a dealership for zero-commitment test drives and let your favourite car brand find you.

Choosing the right car brand for you may seem daunting, but following these tips is sure to make it easier. The Auto Pedigree team is always here to support you. Find a car dealer near you and get in touch.