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30 November 2016
Family car features
It happens to most of us eventually - we move out of home, get married, have children, adopt a jack russell and a cockerspaniel and before we know it the world has suddenly become smaller. This is when we realise that actually, what we simply need is a bigger house - and a bigger vehicle. Of course, when it comes to family cars,increased size is not the only requirement; safety and other practicalities must also be considered. While every family’s vehicle needs are unique, these are some of the great features to consider when it comes down to buying that all-important family car: 1.Safety Rating Parents know full well that precious little lives are a priority. TheEuro NCAPstar rating makes gives consumers the knowledge and confidence to choose the safest cars for their needs possible. Euro NCAP presents a star rating our of 5, along with safety scores for various safety factors and a downloadable pdf report. 2.Airbags These days, front airbags come as a standard feature in most cars, but when it comes to transporting young children, particularly under the age of 13, it’s important to know the type of force an airbag generates. In a collision, an airbag exerts extreme force towards the front passenger seats that can be fatal to children since their bodies are not fully developed. When driving with a child in the car, either disable the air bag or strap them up in the rear passenger seat. 3.Storage Self-drive holidays and long weekend trips around the country are a given in a beautiful and scenic country like South Africa. There should be enough luggage space to serve the whole family’s home-away-from-home requirements. These could be anything from fitting a baby’s pushchair, sports equipment, or picnic paraphernalia in at any given time. 4.Comfort and Convenience A vehicle plays a big role in a family’s everyday life, constantly taxiing children around means it’s worth buying a vehicle that is comfortable and offers convenience. This means a car must be spacious with ample leg and head room while offering all the small conveniences such as side pockets and drink holders both front and rear. It’s surprising how these simple additions make a car ride so much more pleasurable. 5.UV Protection Windows Glass itself does not protect an adult or child from harmful ultra violet rays from the sun. Not all car windows have the same scale of UV protection on their windows, and neither are they consistent between the front windshield and the side windows in the same car. Windshields are made of different material to side windows. They offer higher sun protection,as they’re thicker and laminated with a type of plastic that also helps to absorb UV rays. However, side windows are not laminated in the manufacturing process making them block less UV rays. If your choice of family car has a low UV protection score consider having UV-blocking tinted film applied to the side windows. 6.Sliding Doors When it comes to families with children and pets, a four-door vehicle is a must – but nothing beats the convenience of rear sliding doors in a family vehicle. The extra flexibility gives easy access to the rear seats, allowing the ability to load and unload babies and dogs into a wider opening. 7.Bluetooth Young children can be a handful and need our constant attention. So as parents we’re always looking for ways on how best to serve their needs. A car with Bluetooth technology allows parents to talk on their mobile phones hands-free. While we parents of young children to be totally engaged on the road and aware of their passengers and not their mobile devices, Bluetooth technology is helpful if it’s absolutely necessary to be constantly connected. 8.Cruise Control Anything that improves your comfort as a driver with children in the car improves the experience of the journey. Switching a vehicle on to cruise control allows the system to automatically maintain it at a set steady speed. This is especially useful on family road trips that can be physically demanding and requires a great deal of mental concentration. By alleviating the need to constantly engage between the foot pedals means driving becomes an easier task by simply having to steer the vehicle. 9.Cubby Hole Cooler In sunny South Africa, when for most of the year the days are hot and sometimes unbearably sweltering, being able to keep a bottle of water from turning warm in the car is a real pleasure. Bigger compartments will come in even more useful on longer drives and road trips to keep your ‘padkos’ fresh and the chocolate from melting. If you’re looking to buy a second hand car for your growing family, why not visit Auto Pedigree and select a vehicle that fits your needs?Find your nearest branchorcontact us. Disclaimer: Auto Pedigree and the authors make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or by following any link on this site. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.
30 November 2016
Top News Stories November
South Africa New Car Sales Forecast 2016 - 2020 Car Registrations in South Africa increased to 32738 cars in October from 31957 cars in September of 2016 as reported by the NAAMSA. In the long-term, the South Africa New Car Sales is projected to trend around 31682.78 cars in 2020, according to econometric models. registrations/forecast 5 Worst Resale Value Cars For certain, there are very few cars that can retain their value over the years, and every car buyer has heard the saying that a new car drops in value as soon as it's driven off of the dealer's lot. While 4% or so is the average decline in manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) at auction, some cars performed much worse than average. These are the five worst cars for model years 2013 to 2015 for retained value in the third quarter, as compiled by Kelley Blue Book. cars-have- the-worst-resale- value/93715126/More Flooding in Johannesburg Expected The Institute of Risk Management South Africa has urged South Africans to prepare themselves for extreme wet weather conditions, including possible floods, until February next year. IRMSA chief risk adviser Michael Ferendinos said weather patterns characteristic of La Niña were expected to occur from December until February 2017. This comes after last month’s flash floods when about 150 cars were damaged after they were submerged in water along the N3 highway near OR Tambo InternationalAirport. wont-compensate- flash-flood-motorists-2089792 How much South Africans Spend when Buying a New Car According to credit bureau Compuscan, nearly half a million vehicle loans have beengranted over the past year, with the average vehicle loan granted amounting to R272,182.16. In order to afford such a loan, a person needs to be earning close to R30,000 per month. Naamsa data has shown that new vehicle sales over the past year declined by approximately 10% year-on- year with numbers ranging between 40,000 and 50,000 vehicles each month. money-we- spend-when-buying- a-new- car-in- south-africa/ Fuel Prices Fall in Time for the Holidays The latest data from the Central Energy Fund shows that South Africans could be in for a petrol price reduction of around 50 cents a litre, depending on which way the currency and fuel prices swing. The Automobile Association said, "While the expected reduction at the pumps ahead of the 2016 Christmas season is welcome, South Africans would be prudent not to expect sustained drops in the fuel price over the next few months" prices-likely- to-fall- in-december-2090204 Disclaimer: All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. Auto Pedigree and the authors make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. The owner of this blog will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.
29 November 2016
Road trip photographs
South Africa is a fantastic country for holiday trips regardless of the distance you’re travelling. Whether you’re going for a short weekend break or driving further away from home, there is abundance in the variety and diversity of things to see before your eyes.Muster up your observation skills and turn these moments into photographic opportunities. Taking Photos From a Moving Car Firstly, we do need to mention that it is not wise to try and take photos from a moving carifyou are the one driving. However, it is possible to do so with a few hacks to a camera, but this does away with most of the control of the shot and the entertainment factor. Use these tips only if you are a passenger in the vehicle. The basic things to remember is to hold your camera as steadily as possible, get as close to the windscreen or window as you can, and be ready for action. Photographic Tips Shutter speed Whether you’re using a SLR or point-and-click camera, shutter speed is key. It’s the one aspect you do have control over. This helps avoid motion blur to achieve the sharpest. On your camera setting it will typically be indicated as ‘S’ (Nikon) or ‘Tv’(Canon), or if you have it on manual then adjust it to 1/1000th–1/250thof a second. F-Stop Set the camera f-stop to automatic. In a moving car, there’s no time to make adjustments to ISO levels. Composition Even while moving you need to think about composing your shot so that it looks as professional as can be.This means splitting your photo into thirds in your mind’s eye. Imagine a grid with nine squares, three across and three down - as our photograph above by Robert Pastryk so nicely illustrates. Light and Contrast As any amateur photographer will tell you, the best time of the day to shoot outdoor photographs is at dawn and at dusk. This is when the light is just right to give your photos great contrast and colour. Midday is the worst time because too much light just flattens out your images, taking away all the interesting shades and tones that you’d ideally want to capture. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should forego those interesting subjects, but setting your camera to under expose slightly can help deal with this challenge. Read the Landscape It’s a lot more difficult in a moving vehicle to get all the elements of composition, light, and speed working in one shot. You have very little time to react, but by reading the landscape and anticipating what might be coming you’ll begin to improve your shots. Taking photographs from a moving car is an art in itself and the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. Who knows, something that started off as an entertainment factor while road tripping could turn into a hobby. So have fun, drive safely, and happy holidays! Looking for a second car that is as good as new for your next road trip? When you buy a used car from Auto Pedigree, you get quality,value, and choice from a wide variety of vehicles at dealers countrywide. Disclaimer: Auto Pedigree and the authors make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or by following any link on this site. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.
29 November 2016
Road Tripping in South Africa for Beginners
Travelling abroad may seem glamourous, but when it comes to the perfect road trip, South Africa is hard to beat. The vast variety of terrain, scenery, climate, and culture leaves us all too spoilt for choice. Most of the country is easily navigable and the highways are invaluable to get you from A to B quickly and efficiently. From the northern most reaches of the wild Limpopo African bushveld to the southern most reaches of the Cape Wine lands, there is a network of well-travelled routes that require little more than a manual sedan. For the more adventurous, a 4 x 4 is almost compulsory, depending on just how exploratory you want to get. Before You Start Planning First figure out what you like. It sounds obvious but many travellers don’t consider the interests and preferences of the whole party. For example, by assuming that the entire family or group of travelling companions are interested in game viewing when some are actually really interested in art could lead to a lot of boredom and unnecessary unhappiness. If interests differ, agreeing to compromise is the most amicable route to take as well as a good way to broaden each other’s horizons. Encourage an attitude of willingness to be open-minded and it should work out to be an extremely enjoyable trip. Types of Travel In terms of geographical features, there are five basic types of travel in South Africa Sun, sea, sand, and surf Bushveld/Game Safaris Mountains Forests Snow And three basic character types: Relaxation Outdoor/Adventure/Racing Art and culture There’s no reason not to combine more than one, but it does help to have a loose idea of where preferences lie in order to get the most out of your time away. Not only does it help plan your destination and route but also helps you select the type of accommodation that is most conducive to your particular activities. You’ll find that many venues cater for specific likes with on-board activities such as game drives, a spa, or hiking and fishing. When it comes to travel, wherever it may be, it’s always worth going off-the-beaten-track at some points. By all means, visit the popular tourist spots and bungee jump off that bridge, but often you’ll find that the most special places and activities are the ones you stumbled across unexpectedly yourself when you took the road less travelled. With such a big, beautiful country to explore, if you’re deciding on where to spend your next holiday (and your money), why not opt for local. After all, even foreigners think it’s one of the best travel destinations in the world! For peace of mind when travelling, you have the option to take out theAutoPedigree Plus Planwhen you buy a used car from Auto Pedigree. You can count on assistance 24 hours a day, every day for the next two years.Find your nearest branchand pop in for a visit.
23 November 2016
Parking Tips for Beginners
According toeNatis, in August last month there were a total of 124,676 self-propelled used vehicle registrations and a total of48,115 self-propelled new vehicle registrations in South Africa. This is a substantial number of extra vehicles on already congested roads particularly in the big cities. This extra load can put more pressure on drivers - especially beginner drivers who may either lack the confidence or the experience to manoeuvre their way in and out safely and efficiency. Statistics in the UK show that 1 in 6 drivers who hit a parked car do not bother to leave their contact details. In this article, we take you through the steps of the fundamental art of parallel parking and reverse bay parking. After all, if a road user lacks the ability to park properly, they really shouldn’t be driving on the road! Parallel Parking – Step-by-Step The space between two cars (CarA in front, and Car B at the back) should be a few metres longer than your car. Pull up parallel alongside Car A and in line and as close as possible. Line up the back of your car with the back of Car A. While at a stop, turn your steering wheel all the way to the left (if you are parking on the left hand side, or all the way to the right (if you are parking on the right hand side). Put your car into reverse gear. Turn your head inwards to look out the back of your car and start reversing slowly towards Car B, keeping your wheel still. When the front corner of Car Bis exactly in the middle of your windscreen, stop reversing and turn your steering wheel back to the normal position. Continue reversing until your car has just passed Car A. Stop. Turn your steering wheel fully to the right (if parking on the left hand side of the road). Continue reversing slowly towards Car B keeping the wheel in position. Stop. Your car should be parallel or almost parallel with Car A and Car B. Now move forward slowly while turning your wheel back to the normal position. Reverse Bay Parking – Step-by-Step You will be parking in Bay 2 between Bay 1and Bay 3. Move your car forward to line its back up with Bay 3. Put your car into reverse gear. Turn and look out the rear window. Check for pedestrians,cyclists, other vehicles, etc. Once clear, slowly reverse while turning the steering wheel fully in the direction towards your parking bay. Keep glancing in your wing mirror on the side of the parking bay until you see Bay 2’s first line appear. Use this line as a guide to reverse into the bay. At the same time while moving,look to the wing mirror on the other side to find Bay 2’s second line. Now use both rear mirrors to reverse evenly between the two parking lines. Moving very slowly and check through rear view mirror to gauge the distance behind you. One you are far enough and the two lines look parallel on each side,move forward slowly while straightening up the steering wheel. By following these steps and practicing them often, you will notice that it’s not so difficult after all. The most important rule to apply first and foremost is: Take it slowly. Remember that when you buy a car from Auto Pedigree, you can apply for the Auto PedigreeDent and Scratch Coverthat attends to minor dents, scratches, as well as windscreen damage. Contact us.
22 November 2016
4 Fantastic Gift Suggestions for Dad
Fathers are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. It's not that they have everything they could possibly hope to possess; it's just that with mothers, if you're stuck for a gift, you always have chocolate and a bunch of flowers to fall back on. But even the most tolerant of dads will have had his fair share of socks, aftershave, and soaps-on-a-rope. Here is a list of gifts most dads (and other car owners)would appreciate, ranging between R250 to R800. Smaak U-Hold Universal Car Air Vent Mount Always looking for a handy place where your smart phone can comfortably and securely fit? Always rummaging around for it under a pile of tissues or packets of mints? This compact mobile phone mount is clamped on to your cars air vent and rotates 360 Degrees allowing for a vertical or horizontal position of your phone. The U-Hold mount is compatible with most smartphones. Approximate price: R250 QuickCharge 2.0 You've experienced the frustratingly slow trickle of power to your mobile device from your car charger before. With the Tronsmart car charger you can charge your devices up to 75% faster. The 3 port USB chargers VoltQI technology automatically recognises the voltage settings of a particular device to apply a suitably safe voltage for charging it up swiftly. Despite its slim design, the Quick Charge 2.0 includes three USB ports which allows you to charge three of your mobile devices at a time. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6 ,iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2/mini 3. Approximate price: R350 Joby GorillaPod Magnetic The original flexible tripod has gone magnetic! The innovative design has gone one step further with the addition of super-strong neodymium magnets in its feet, now there are even more ways and places to position your camera. The tiny tripod is only 15cm tall and the legs are comprised of over two dozen leg joints that bend and rotate at 360 Degrees. A built-in lock ring keeps the camera securely attached. TheGorillaPod Magnetic also comes in GripTight for smartphones so now you can even record videos on your smartphone on your road trips and travel adventures when you are out of the city. EasySmart Tap 2 Universal Tablet Mount If you use your tablet for more than playing games and reading email, chances are you use it for its GPS capability as well. This tablet holder can be attached to your cars dashboard or windscreen easily by means of the innovative sticky gel pad that sticks to any surface, and the locking lever locks the mount to hold it securely in place.The angle of the mount is 360 Degrees adjustable,and the telescopic arm allows for more suitable angles and closer viewing. Approximate price: R800
22 November 2016
9 Motor Vehicle Brake Warning Signals
In terms of the National Credit Act, there is no minimum cash deposit required on a vehicle purchased, whether new or used. However it is advisable to include a deposit towards the selling price of the vehicle. This can be in the form of a trade-in, should you want to replace an existing car, or in the form of cash. This is one of the options in Auto Pedigree’s R50,000* vehicle Deal Assistance. The Deposit option can be used as a cash amount towards the price of the ‘new’ second hand vehicle you intend to purchase. Advantages of a Vehicle Deposit By making a deposit towards purchasing a vehicle using Deal Assistance: 1. You need not use your savings towards a deposit 2. The amount the bank will be financing will be lower 3. Therefore your monthly repayment amount will be lower 4. And you will pay less interest over the term of your loan How much deposit you need depends on the length of the finance period, but a general guideline is that older vehicles should have a higher deposit with a shorter repayment term. Most of Auto Pedigree’s used cars on sale are late model vehicles that are no more than two years old. Vehicle Buying Tips When it comes to deciding on what to do with your Deal Assistance, much depends on your unique individual situation and needs. However, there are two simple tips to consider that may help make a decision: 1. Opt for a shorter repayment period. 2. Pay more upfront. When you buy a used car from Auto Pedigree, you get quality, value, and choice from a wide variety of vehicles at 75 dealers countrywide. Take advantage of ourdeal assistance promotion. Contact yournearest branchtoday. *Up to R50,000 on selected vehicles Disclaimer: Auto Pedigree and the authors make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or by following any link on this site. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.
22 November 2016
How To Maximise The Value Of Your Car
With the ever-increasing cost of new cars it makes sense to keep your existing car in tiptop shape. The minute you take possession of your newly acquired car, you should be thinking of how to keep it looking good and driving well for as long as possible. At this point you may not be thinking about selling your car, but when the time comes when you either want to trade it in or sell it privately, you’ll be glad you took good care of it. Mechanical Servicing your vehicle when it is due for one will save you money and time in the long run. Skipping a comprehensive service because you think you’re saving money is a delusion. If you put a lot of distance on your car, don’t rely solely on the oil and filter change that comes with the vehicle service. Check your oil level monthly and if necessary change the oil and filter. Tyres are expensive to replace. Rotate your tyres as specified in the vehicle’s manual. Keep an eye on tyre pressure and have that check when you’re filling up the fuel station. Drive it lightly. Pulling off slowly from a stationary position and coming to a stop slowly puts less strain on your car. Interior Maintenance When cleaning the inside of your car, don’t skip the nooks and crannies, as the longer dirt lies in corners the harder it is to remove. Vacuum the inside of your car regularly so that dirt particles don’t get a chance to gain a foothold, further deteriorating the cloth and carpets. Exterior Maintenance Avoid parking it in the sun as much as possible. Sea air is also damaging to the body of the vehicle. Try to avoid parking under trees as the falling debris such as tree sap and bird droppings can be damaging if left too long. Give it a regular wash and wax (in a shady area) to help preserve the paintwork and remove any corrosive qualities of such things like dirt, dust, bird droppings, and dead insects. Use a proper cleaning solution specifically manufactured for cars that will help protect the paintwork, rather than general household or dishwashing detergent. For leather seats, use a leather cleaner and apply a leather conditioner to prevent drying and cracking from sun exposure. If you are purchasing a car from Auto Pedigree, you can make use of theAutoShine Paint Protection Warrantyto minimise fading and oxidation of your vehicle’s paintwork. All of these small tasks and changes if implemented habitually will go a long way to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. Do them diligently and you’ll be rewarded with a car that will be a pleasure to drive, to look at, as well as for someone else to buy when the time comes. To find out more about theAuto Pedigree Vehicle Exterior and Interior Maintenanceservice or any other enquiries,Contact usonline or call us on010 593 9505.
20 November 2016
Is Your Car Costing More Than Its Worth? (Time For
We know it’s sometimes hard to let go of the comfort of familiarity. Your old car has given you some of the best times of your life, allowed you to experience holidays away from the rat race, taken you to exciting places you always dreamt of, and just generally taken you and your family from A to B. Besides its sentimental value, it’s not hard to understand how by holding on to that old hunk of metal it seems like we are saving money. Of course, buying a new car, whether it’s out-of-the box or pre-owned, requires a large investment. But is it more cost-effective to run and maintain an old paid-up car that is on its last legs than to buy a replacement car that is more dependable in the long run? Financial Considerations There are numerous costs to consider as to whether to keep the old or find a replacement: Monthly payments – if your current car is not paid up, how does the figure compare with other car choices? Maintenance – how often do you need to service and replace parts? Fuel costs per kilometre – how does your old car compare to other car choices? Insurance and registration – how much more will you pay? Monthly Payments To roughly calculate what you would be paying on a new car, take the average selling price of new or good second hand car in South Africa, calculate the average interest rate, and divide it over a period of 3 – 5 years. The longer you take to pay it off, the less the monthly installments but you’ll be paying much more in interest. Remember that interest rates are personalised and based on your current risk profile, credit history, and credit score. Maintenance There’s no denying that buying a new caris a big investment. However, if you’re spending more to maintain your old car, you will probably want to look at replacing it. Should your calculations show that your monthly maintenance expenses exceed your estimated monthly car payment, this should be a clear sign that it is time you divert that money from your old vehicle and start searching for a newer model with less wear and tear. After all, maintenance and repair costs are unlikely to decrease the older the car becomes. Fuel Costs Automobile technology plays a big part in lowering fuel consumption in newer cars, but an older car that is well maintained and receives a service when due will continue to give good fuel efficiency for many years. Fuel cost is still however a major consideration in making the final decision on whether to replace old for new. Calculate the fuel mileage of your old car compared to a newer vehicle. If your old car is using fuel at an alarming rate in comparison to a newer model that obviously gets you better mileage, the saving over time might be worth the investment of a replacement vehicle. Insurance and Registration You will find that car insurance, license, and registration fees are generally higher for newer and more expensive cars. And if you’refinancing your car, there’s no getting away from any of these fees, since comprehensive car insurance is compulsory unless your car is paid up. Taking all of these factors into consideration, calculating the short and long term costs, and comparing them between your old car and a replacements one, you should be in a good position to decide. Should you make the move to acquiring a newer vehicle, Auto Pedigree offers trade assistance for your old one.Contact usto find out more.
20 November 2016
7 Ways You can Improve Your Fuel Economy in Summer
Living in South Africa we have plenty to be thankful for. One of those aspects is our climate and the generally warm temperatures that are not just more enjoyable for us, but for our vehicles as well. However, there are two sides of the coin for hot weather fuel economy. Your car’s engine enjoys the heat because it warms up to an efficient temperature faster. Cold air is heavier than warm air, and when driving through warm air there is less aerodynamic drag or wind resistance. These are just two ways that help with fuel economy. On the other hand, the discomfort of hot weather causes us to seek a cooler environment, such as either winding down the windows or switching on the air conditioner – and both these behaviours tend to reducefuel economy. Depending on the conditions, there are ways to be as fuel-efficient as possible without being over-deprived of our comfort and driving pleasure: Use a windscreen shade, or park in the shade wherever possible to prevent as much heating of the interior as you can. Open windows as you drive off to let the hot air circulate out with cooler air before turning on the airconditioner. Choose when to use the airconditioner versus when to wind down the windows. Use the air conditioner at higher speeds such as when travelling on the highway. Let the cool breeze through the windows when you’re city driving. You’ll get a decent breeze flowing through from the passenger side if you prefer not to open both windows. Use the air conditioner as conservatively as possible. Though not a fuel saver but rather an energy saver, turning the dial of your air conditioner to a slightly warmer temperature setting instead of on full power will put less stress on your car’s battery. Also, a well-tuned air conditioner with the proper level of antifreeze will run more efficiently. With rising temperatures and endlesslyrising fuel prices, making just a few small changes in your driving habits will ensure a lowering in your monthly petrol expenses. Looking for a more fuel efficient car? See our extensive range ofsecond hand cars,search for a specific make and model, or pop in to the nearest Auto Pedigree branch.