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06 March 2017
Top News Stories of the Month
South African Roads Pose the Same Problems Every Year The festive season has almost come and gone with a fair amount of travellers still making their way back home before the schools open.But have we learnt our lessons from previous years? Every year South Africans are faced with challenges over the December holiday period that relate to road accidents and death. And every year the culprits are drunk drivers, speedsters,and law breakers. A survey done by the Automobile Association (AA) show that 60% of motorists believe their safety is reliant on the attitude of other road users. Citroën Pulls Out of the South African Market Peugeot Citroën South Africa (PCSA) announced last month that from this year (2017) onward their focus would lie solely with the Peugeot brand, involving a relaunch as Peugeot South Africa. The company only sold57 passenger vehicles during November 2016, compared to Porsche with 125. Citroën say that a full after sales and parts delivery service to Citroën customers will continue and will remain a priority. Second Hand Hatchbacks - Motoring Experts Pick of the Best The best motoring journalists in the Times Media Group carefully assessed all the vehicles in each segment and put together a handy guide to the best-value pre-owned hot, small and family hatchbacks. They winner of the pre-owned hot hatches for best value is the Volkswagen Golf VIGTI with the Ford Fiesta ST as runner up. In the small hatches category for best value, the FordFiesta 1.6 Ambiente takes winning position while the perennial favourite, the Honda Jazz comes in second. South Africans are Turning to Used Cars and Buying Local The latest aggregated sales data from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) show a continued drop in new vehicle sales with a year-on-year decline of 9.6%. Despite this, according to Wesbank, locally manufactured vehicles continue to top sales charts. Year-to-date sales indicate that the most popular vehicles are volume sellers from mainstream brands, while the five top-selling vehicles for the year are all built in South Africa.
01 March 2017
Top News Stories March 2017
With the challenges of an under-performing economy andrising motoring costs, South African car lovers will have to choose betweentheir passion for new and exciting technologies and practical socio-economicissues. The shift in buying patterns will see the used car marketperforming better, and the introduction of value-added features, drivingpleasure, and flexibility in the A and B sector, previously reserved for theluxury class of vehicles. AA Calls for Safety Testing Measures For All Vehicles in SA TheAutomobile Association has called for the introduction of safety testingmeasures that provide a scale of safety ratings for all vehicles sold locally,saying that these safety ratings should be clearly displayed on vehicles. The AA compiled a safety report on entry-level vehicles in South Africa. The aim of thereport was to identify the number of basic safety features available in motorvehicles which retail under R150 000, and also identify which safety featuresare most prominent in these cars. TheGlobal Used Car Price Index 2017 Todetermine used car prices in a country compared to the rest of the world, TheGlobal Used Car Price Index offers an overview of the value of various brandsacross 40 different economic regions and car markets. Theresearch included the majority of the largest car-producing nations, includingSouth Africa, whilst brands were selected based on global popularity. The US wasfound to have the most affordable used car market, while South Africa wasranked fifth. Singapore’s high taxes on automobiles makes it the most expensivecountry in the world to buy a used car for every model. New Energy Fuel Plant in SA IsondoPrecious Metals has secured a license from US-based Chemours Technology to assemblecomponents for fuel cells using Platinum as a catalyst. Africa’sfirst fuel cell component plant will start production in December 2017 aimingto take advantage of rising demand for clean energy cars in the country. Theplant will open either in Johannesburg or Durban by the end of the year inorder to take advantage of South Africa’s position asthe world’s topplatinum producer. VinaySomera, chief executive of Isondo Precious Metals, said that tax breaks,relatively cheap labor costs and access to raw materials would also give theplant a competitive advantage. Disclaimer: Auto Pedigree and the authors make no representations asto the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or by followingany link on this site. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liablefor any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability ofthis information. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liablefor any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of thisinformation.
20 February 2017
Why we love cars
Essentially, a car is made up of chunks of metal and plastic, but to many men (and women), these actually inanimate objects are living, breathing beings. A strange and indescribable bond seems to form between this man and his machine. So much so to the extent that it becomes pretty obvious there is a love affair on board. How do we know this? One only needs to observe the way we humanize our cars by giving them affectionate human names like Herbie or Lucy, and even naming them after our favourite celebrities like Lady Gaga. Then there are others who devise a name based on their car’s supposed personality. Naming a car solidifies the relationship. A love for cars tends to begin at an early age. It could be an inheritance, an event, circumstance, or any combination of many factors, but almost always begins before you even know how to drive. So why do we love cars so much, and what is it about them that is so endearing to humans? We take a look at the commonalities to try and determine what draws us to love automobiles the way we do: 1. Human Ingenuity The ever-evolving world of the automotive industry is a testament to human ingenuity. Improvements in car manufacturing take place in leaps and bounds. Modern cars are streaks ahead from cars a hundred years ago. The cars we drive today provide comfortable, smooth rides, and very importantly gives us more mileage for our money than before. They are in fact one of the greatest success stories of the 20thcentury. 2. Unprecedented Freedom Motor cars are a symbol of our individual freedom and personal independence. Owning our first vehicle meant not having to rely on any one else to reach our intended destinations or be hindered by someone else’s availability or lack thereof. It meant finally taking your own path, not some bus or mini-taxi route that meant walking through unsavoury parts of town. And there’s something to be said about driving on the open road. No destination required. 3. Psychological Benefits Replacing an old unreliable car with a new or quality second hand car is a way for us as owners to feel invigorated through the increased performance previously lacking. In a UK study in 2003 it was found that cars give both men and women positive feelings of status and independence, yet only men derived increased self-esteem and psychological benefits from automobiles. In the psychology of cars it’s true to say that the romance between men and their cars do not exist in the same way with women and theirs. 4. The Need for Speed When we get behind the wheel of a car it becomes an extension of ourselves. Controlling the mechanisms to power it forward allows us to achieve impossibilities within our own limitations. In human history, speed and the ability to move faster than your pursuer or pursued was more than just an advantage; it was a necessity for survival. In a way this explains why there is a certain competiveness between motorists on a street to arrive at the traffic lights first. No doubt there are many more reasons why cars make our human hearts go aflutter. Whatever your reason, if you’re looking for a reliable second hand car to buy and call your very own, then look no further. Visit any of our65 branchesnationwide, select from 3,000 quality used vehicles, and you could drive away with your ideal car the very same day! Disclaimer: Auto Pedigree and the authors make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or by following any link on this site. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.
16 February 2017
Manual vs automatic transmission
If you're in the market tobuy a second hand vehicle,one of the things you might be asking yourself is: "Should I buy manual or automatic?" We know of car owners who have always driven manual cars and who would never dream of owning an automatic - until they actually drive one. A manual gearbox has a gear stick and clutch pedal to enable you the driver to shift between low and high gears. An automatic or self-shifting transmission in a vehicle frees you from having to manipulate both the gear stick and the clutch. The final decision, as is typically the case, depends on your individual needs and preferences. As a general guide, this table indicates the advantages of each which will help you to compare the two different types of automotive transmissions.Please note that there are some exceptions to the rule, for example, some vehicle models will cost the same whether manual or automatic. Feature Manual Automatic OpenRoads Cruise control ability means these are built for cruising. TrafficDriving Easier and less physical activity involved. General Drivability Added control makes for safer driving. More gears means being able to reach speeds faster. More driving comfort, easier to navigate, and negotiate up hills and at intersections. VehicleCost Generally costs less to purchase. Maintenance Requiresless maintenance and costs less to maintain –automatics have more mechanics and machinery. FuelEconomy Depends on the car, driving style, and road conditions. In the past manual cars were known to get better fuel economy. But now with automatic cars becoming more advances and gaining more gears, they start to see better fuel efficiency. Longevity Generally tend to last longer by years. Weight Automatic transmissions are heavierthan manual gears. This extra weight can still mean more fuel usage in an automatic. Cooling There is less chance of overheating here which an automatic transmission’s biggest enemy. As you can see, there are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both manual and automatic transmission cars. Whatever you eventually decide on when purchasing your next vehicle will depend on your unique needs and preferences. For your convenience and peace of mind, when you buy a second hand car from Auto Pedigree you have the option to take out theAutoPedigree Plus Planwhich covers you for two years with 24 hour roadside, medical emergency, legal, and travel assistance. Disclaimer: Auto Pedigree and the authors make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or by following any link on this site. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.
08 February 2017
Romantic destinations in South Africa
3 Best Romantic Destinations in South Africa In a beautiful country like South Africa one of the best ways to experience everything it has to offer is by road. You don’t even need to drive too far from home before you arrive at a place away from the rat race. With Valentine’s Day coming up what better to spend some time away alone with your sweetheart? We’ve put together our top three choices for Valentine’s 2017 getaways that will put some extra spark in your relationship. 3: Midlands Meander – KwaZulu-Natal We’ve chosen theMidlands Meanderbecause of the enchanting Drakensberg Mountains, which forms part of Lesotho’s east-side border. Situated halfway between Johannesburg and East London, this destination is worth the drive for a long and languishing romantic getaway or even long weekend if you’re pressed for time. After all, it’s not just the destination that matters, but the journey too. For couples who need more than stunning landscapes, the collection of arranged routes in the heart of KZN offers much to keep you busy with activities. Visit local events, sample scrumptious cuisine, go hiking, or buy each other a memento to take home at one of the many arts and crafts shops on offer. The Midlands Meander is, after all, famous for its arts and crafts routes that include antiques, ceramics, pottery, paper, beadwork, leatherwork, tapestries, stained glass, wrought iron, clothing, herbs, and windchimes. 2: Hogsback – Eastern Cape Deep in the Eastern Cape of South Africa lies a magical world of mountains and forests. High up on the mountains known as the Amathole is a little place calledHogsback, surrounded by indigenous forests. If it’s silence and tranquility along with a little magic your romance requires, this place tops the list. Make this a special adventure together and experience the truly amazing beauty of Hogsback on foot – the best way to enjoy all it has to offer. Scores of hiking trails lead you both through forests, up and down mountains, past waterfalls, and along gentle streams. It’s no wonder Tolkien took such inspiration from this magical, mystical place! Situated about 145km from the nearest city of East London, Hogsback is just two hours away inland from the sea, and arguably the best romantic destination to veer off to when travelling along the Sunshine Coast. 1. Robertson – Western Cape Known as the valley of wine and roses, as well as the small town with a big heart, it’s no surprise thatRobertsonmakes it to the top of our romantic getaway list. The town’s Victorian architecture, streets lined with purple jacaranda, and vineyards bordered with roses makes it the perfect backdrop for love and romance. Situated at the heart of the longest wine routes in the world - Route 62, it is a leisurely 90 minutes away from Cape Town. The route stretches along with the wine-growing areas ofWellington,Tulbagh,Worcester,Robertsonand theKlein Karoo, where there are a host of romantic activities to enjoy. And at the end of each day, round off the experience by simply sitting and sipping on some good wine together while watching the sunset. Looking for a reliable second-hand car to take you places? Then look no further than Auto Pedigree’s great deals. Visit any of our 65 branchesnationwide, select from 3,000 quality used vehicles, and you could drive away with your ideal car the very same day. Disclaimer: Auto Pedigree and the authors make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or by following any link on this site. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. Auto Pedigree and the authors will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.
18 January 2017
The Easy Water-Wise Way To Wash Your Car
With the latest water restrictions in many parts of the country, car owners need to think twice about how they will keep their vehicles clean. Leaving dirt to pile up isn’t an option either. AVERAGE CAR WASH WATER USAGE Hosepipe Washing Bucket Washing 450 litres 32 litres “If average householdwaterconsumption was cut by 20% today, it would contribute significantly tobuildingthe ten-yearwaterreserve needed to avoid futurewatercuts,” While the country is experiencing its worstdrought in a century, water scarcity in South Africa is not going to go away any time soon,and in fact is set to worsen. As responsible citizens how do we adapt to accommodate this problem? Previous to the water reduction policy, we thought nothing of sending our car off for a luxury spa bath every so often - we love our cars, after all. Sometimes even lovingly washing, waxing, and polishing it ourselves. All this energy spent is a good thing because it goes along way to keeping your car looking as good as new for as long as possible. But only if you’re doing it the correct way, or you could be inadvertently causing more damage than good. This is how we recommend washing your car for the good of the car and the good of the planet, which ultimately benefits you and future generations. The Green Method Don’t use a hosepipe. This method, however convenient it may be, is wasteful and actually no longer fashionable! The water-wise way is to use buckets, and done right works very well. To wash the outside of your car, you willneed: 2 buckets 1 microfibre washing cloth 1 microfibre rinsing cloth 2 super-absorbent microfibre drying cloths 1 micro fibre glass cloth 1 sponge or soft bristle brush for the wheels Method: Park your car under shade and out of the sun and heat. Fill buckets with clean water. If the car is very dirty, remove as much lose dirt and dust as possible with a soft feather duster. Start washing from the top down with microfibre cloth. Use car shampoo sparingly to release grease and non-water-soluble grime. More suds doesn’t equate to a cleaner car. In fact it makes it more difficult to rinse, and leaves more streaks. Choose mild and gentle rather than harsh detergents. Wash the wheels and tyres last with the sponge or soft bristle brush. Rinse off with the second bucket of water and clean microfibre cloth. Dry off the body panels with the super absorbent microfibre cloths, leaving the wheels last. Dry and polish the windows and mirrors with the glass micro fibre cloth while the windows are slightly damp and not too wet. Lastly polish the paintwork, bumpers, and tyres. Over time sun, salt, bird droppings, treesap, and other environmental factors takes their toll on a vehicle’s paintwork.To maintain that new car finish, when you buy a quality used car from AutoPedigree, you have the option to choose our three yearAutoShine Paint Protection Warranty. Disclaimer: All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. Auto Pedigree and the authors make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. The owner ofthis blog will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. The owner will not beliable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.
17 January 2017
Driving Safety Tips
It’s the holiday season and while many South Africans are flying abroad or locally to be with friends and family, or simply looking for a change of scenery, there’ll be those that will be taking on the open road. These tips will help you get to your destination safely while keeping you happy on your way there. Prepare and Plan Ensure your car and all its components are in good condition and ready for a long journey. Check brakes,tyres, windscreen wipers, lights, and fill up the tank before setting off. Get a good amount of sleep the night before, especially if you’re planning to leave before dawn to miss the rush, make sure you turn in early enough to get at least eight hours of restful slumber. You know what your end destination is, but planning a route ahead of time before setting off gives you an overview of how you’ll get there. Psychologically this will ease your mind,leaving you to concentrate on the important matter of driving. Get the latest weather reportupdates so that you don’t get caught unaware, and prepare Eat a healthy meal to help you stay attentive and feeling good. Caffeine may seem like a good idea but the initial alertness fast becomes an unsteady decline. Dress comfortably and wear loose, natural fibres that breathe. Pack a printed road map or atlas as a back up to your GPS device. Network services, apps, and technological devices can be unreliable, especially in remote areas. During Your Journey Make use of GPS and traffic tracking apps such as Google Maps or Waze. Not only will these guide you with directions so you don’t get lost, but will indicate the traffic situation along the route you plan to take. Regular and adequate rest breaks during a long journey is fundamental to avoid fatigue. Share the driving every 2 hours or so even if you don’t feel tired or sleepy. If driving alone it’s important to make regular short stops whenever the opportunity arises. This prevents you from becoming overly fatigued and forced to pull over and rest at a place that is less than desirable or at night. At times when you have to pull over, remember the rules of the road and never park in the emergency lane or shoulder of the road, unless you have no choice. A shocking number ofaccidents are caused bymobile phoneuse, and South Africahas one of the highest road accident rates in the world, with around 25% of those accidents caused bycellphone usewhiledriving. Most drivers seem not to be aware that they arenot permitted to use a hand-held communication device while driving. This includes a cell phone, microphone or other communication devices, as per the South African National Road TrafficAct. Drinking and driving is a good idea –onlyif it’s plain water. Anything else besides home brewed teasans the sugar should be avoided. That includes fizzy drinks, energy drinks, commercialiced teas, alcoholic beverages, and the vast array of other choices on the shelves. Most of all, be courteous to other drivers. Don’t let road rage get the better of you. Remain calm and relaxed. Remind yourself that you are on holiday. Leave the stresses and pressures of the rat race behind and you should be well on your way to a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable ride! Get peace of mind when travelling on long open roads. We offer you the option to take outvehicle insuranceor theAutoPedigree Plus Planwhen you buy a used vehicle from Auto Pedigree.Find your nearest branchhere and pop in for a visit. Related link:A South African Road Trip
16 January 2017
When To Renew Your Motor Vehicle Licence
Last year, many South African motorists found themselves caught unaware by traffic policeman stopping and writing out fines for failing to renew their car licences. It wasn’t that motorists were trying to avoid paying, but rather that they were used to receiving the annual notification and had simply failed to check when their licences were due. It’s not clear what the reason for the notification failure was – but it seemed as if the problem occurred during a handover from eNatis to the Department of Transport and the Road Traffic Management Corporation – with possible confusion around which party was now responsible for sending our renewal reminders. In another report, a reason was stated in that theDepartment of Transporthad not paid their SA Post Office bill. Answers to what the situation is and will be in the future are currently unavailable from the relevant parties. Renewal Applications What is clear is that motorists must take responsibility into their own hands and monitor their licence expiry dates to ensure payment is made within the 21-day grace period. Both fines and renewals can be dealt with at the post offices. Besides being penalised with a fine, failing to pay on time comes with it’s own set of complications, and is not a simple process of walking in with cash and walking out with a renewed licence. You first need to complete arenewal application form,and make sure you have the relevant documentation with you: Green bar-coded identity document or smart card Proof of address such as a utility bill The old licence disc for details Also make sure you have enough cash to pay for the fine,penalty, and new licence. Credit or debit cards are cannot be used. There’s also the possibility of the post office running out of renewal forms, so it’s a good idea todownload itand fill it in beforehand. See the South African Government site for further information and forinformation for vehicles registered in a company name. Reminder Tips No doubt that lesson has been learnt. Late renewal penalties and arrears can amount to anything from R90 to R1000 and even more, depending on how many months you’ve been driving with an expired licence disc. With all the extra time and money spent dealing with the issue, it’s worth it to take it upon yourself to remember, rather than depend on a reminder that may or may not come. Check your licence disc today. What date does it expire? Put a reminder on your phone, To-Do list, kitchen calendar, or anywhere you know you will be sure to see it in time. Ring the date and also give yourself a reminder a month in advance. This way you’ll save yourself not only money, but also the inconvenience. Save yourself time with the convenience ofbuying a used car from Auto Pedigree,where you get quality, choice, and value all at a great deal.
23 December 2016
Child Car Seat Guidelines for Parents
On the 1stMay 2015, the car seat regulation was enforced to protect children in the event of a car accident. Between three to four children die on the road in South Africa every day. Unnecessary deaths that could have been prevented had these children been strapped in or buckled up. We need to see child car seats as an investment in the safety and well being of our children and not an expensive luxury item. But do we know what and how to buy the right car seat for our child? The first thing to note is that the seat needs tobe age-appropriate: AGE SEAT TYPE DESCRIPTION Birth – 2 years or when they reach the weight and height limits of the seat*. Rear-facing seat Infants and children should be buckled in a seat that faces the back of the car and placed in the back passenger seat. 2 – 5 or when they reach the weight and height limits of the seat*. Forward-facing seat Once outgrown, children should be buckled into a forward-facing seat placed in the back passenger seat of the car. 5 and upuntil seat belt fits properly (15 – 25kg) Booster seat A booster seat makes use of the car’s seat belt to strap the child into. It should fit properly when the lap belt lays across the upper thighs (not the stomach) and the shoulder belt lays across the chest (not the neck). For the best protection, buckle children into the back seat. *Check the manufacturers’ manual or label Remember to check that seats are properly fitted even if it requires a few extra minutes. A safely strapped in child can reduce the need for hospitalisation by almost 70% in the event of an accident. Buckling up saves lives by: Reducing the risk of contact with any part of the interior of the vehicle in an accident Reducing the severity of the injury if contact does take place Reducing the force of impact over the strongest parts of the body Preventing a body from being ejected from the vehicle on impact Preventing injury to otheroccupants in the vehicle Failure to strap your child into the correct car seat, booster seat, or seat belt before driving off meets with serious punishment with a heavy fine if caught. Take the extra time and effort- lives are worth it. The AA recommends that a child be always properly restrained with a car seat or booster seat until the child can safely be secured by the seatbelt. From theAA website:“The National RoadTraffic Act does not have a specific regulation in respect of children sitting in the front seat.” For peace of mind when travelling with your family, you have the option to take out theAutoPedigree Plus Planwhen you buy a used car from Auto Pedigree. Whether its roadside assistance, medical assistance, or legal assistance, you get assistance 24 hours a day, every day for the next two years.Find your nearest branchand pop in for a visit.
07 December 2016
2016\'s Best Cars Chosen by Women
At a basic level it might be safe to say that women and men have different requirements when it comes to the car they drive. Women weigh their expectations such as comfort, aesthetics, affordability, and functionality up differently. In family situations the woman’s car tends to take on a different role than the man’s. Though it’s a vast generalisation, and certainly societal norms and familial structures are changing, we’re still used to seeing a woman’s car as playing the role of 'mom’s taxi', while his is the executive, utility, or adventure vehicle. Even in the singles category between genders there are definite vehicle preferences, where certain cars attract more women than they do men. Research shows that when women hunt for a vehicle to buy, they look for something compact, but should have sufficient boot space, and they consider safety, but should still be fun to drive. All the while speed and good looks definitely do not go ignored. So which cars did South African women choose astheirwinning formula this year? Interesting to note that in both the judges vote as well as the reader’s choice award both overall winners were SUVs. TheWomen on Wheels2016 Car of the Year was voted for by ten female judges in eleven categories, and thousands of female voters selected their choice to determine the winner in each category. The panel then voted for the overall car of the year. This year, the Hyundai Tucson took top honours by the judges due to its affordability, practicality and overall value for money, while the Range Rover Sport was voted the overall Reader’s Choice Award. 2016 Car of the Year–Judges vote: Category Car Budget buy Kia Picanto Hatchback Audi A3 Family Sedan Audi A4 Luxury sedan BMW 7 Series Multi-purpose vehicle Kia Sedona Green car Volvo XC90 T8 Compact Crossover/SUV Hyundai Tucson (Overall Winner) Large Crossover/SUV Volvo XC90 Convertible Mazda MX-5 Lifestyle Bakkies Ford Ranger Sports Car Ford Mustang Auto Pedigree has a wide range of second hand vehicles to suit women’s needs from all walks of life. We also have a selection ofgreat dealsto suit your style and budget.Find a branchnear you and come in for a test drive.