July 2021

Four Tips When Buying Used Bakkies For Sale

In the market for used bakkies? With a wide variety right at your fingertips, we have compiled some important tips to ensure that you get the best used bakkie for sale with all the necessary requirements.

Diesel vs petrol

Diesel bakkies provide more power to withstand long distance travels and carrying heavy cargo on challenging roads. Petrol bakkies are more suited to urban day-today use. When looking to buy used bakkies, this is a useful point to bear in mind depending on what you require.

Stick vs auto

Going by cost, automatic bakkies are more expensive due to the intricacy of the gearbox. They also require more frequent servicing than manual bakkies. For new drivers, automatic bakkies are easier to drive and cannot stall. Manual bakkies are better preferred for off-road driving as opposed to automatic bakkies.

Get the full backstory

Look into what the previous owner utilized the used bakkie for. A full vehicle history should be available from the seller, whether the used bakkie is bought from a dealership or a private seller. However, it isn’t likely that the information will be given if you don’t request it. A vehicle history will indicate any areas for potential fault, possibly due to prior accidents or maintenance issues.

Try it on for size

Test driving the used bakkie in question is a vital excursion and is often overlooked. Pay attention to any questionable noises, all the way from the gearbox to the exhaust. It should also start, take-off and accelerate smoothly. Gear changes should also be smooth, whether in a manual or automatic used bakkie. Test drive the used bakkie on both urban roads and dirt roads to ensure that the shock absorbers are still in good condition.

When looking to buy a used bakkie, there are many things to consult and verify to ensure that you receive your money’s worth. Allow us to assist in your search for used bakkies for sale.