Top News Stories May 2016
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Top News Stories May 2016

1. Stay Safe While Driving

Personal safety while driving should not be neglected, regardless of whether you're nipping out to the shops or going on a long road journey. Unpleasant situations can occur anywhere, and being diligent and aware of your surroundings goes a long way to saving yourself and your family unnecessary ordeal. The AA released a list of tips to ensure motorists are well equipped to deal with unexpected situations they could encounter.

2. Jozi Waste Pickers Initiative

Waste pickers who collect plastic, glass, tins, and scrap metal are often seen pushing and pulling large trolleys laden with recyclable waste in order to earna few rands at the end of each day. This humble exercise leads into all sorts of problems because they have to manoeuvre their vehicles using the shoulder of the road and are often dangerously close to motorists. Now with the help of the Jozi My Beginning initiative pioneered by Soweto-born entrepreneur Sifiso Ngobese, safer and more visible trolleys are being built that also double up as mobile billboards.

3. Solar-powered Low-speed Electric Vehicles the Answer for Africa?

Formal transportation and infrastructure in Africa is lacking partly due to the fact that conventional vehicles are not suitable for most of Africa's rudimentary conditions. A proposal has gone outfor a new model of mobility with a basic architecture that would be ideal for rural communities. More than a transportation vehicle, it would be a multi-functionalpiece of equipment , being used to power water pumps, grind grain, or charge cellphones. Ultimately, it could enable basic commercial growth as part of a micro-economy.

4. Tesla's Home-Power Batteries in SA (Podcast)

ElonMusk's Tesla Home-Power kit became available in South Africa last month in April. The imported battery stores energy provided by the sun and is meant to supplement an existing photo voltaic system in times of load shedding and power outages. The entry level cost is aound R145 000 which includes a full installation, insurance and maintenance service solution.