Top Choices For Pre-Loved Cars Under R120 000
June 2021

Top Choices For Pre-Loved Cars Under R120 000

Budget-besties, this one's for you. Affordability, safety, and comfort all encased in some of our favourite efficiently compact used city cars. Look no further for great quality pre-loved cars under R120,000.

Ford Figo Ambiente

Perfect for city life, the pre-loved Ford Figo Ambiente is a comfortable vehicle to drive, with power steering and air-conditioning. The doors lock automatically once the car reaches 7km/h and is adequately spacious within the vehicle and the boot. It is well equipped to combat wind and exterior noise when travelling at high speeds. The Ford Figo is built similar to the likes of the renowned Ford Fiesta and is available at exceedingly affordable prices with many attractive features.

Chevrolet Spark

Also equipped with power steering and air-conditioning, the Chevrolet Spark is a safe and affordable small car with a multitude of eye-catching features such as electric windows and mirrors, and an anti-lock braking system that provides extra safety for all passengers. At a price much lower than similar sized cars, this four-door pre-loved car is one of the best overall picks.

Hyundai i20

Not too much and not too little, the Hyundai i20 is a durably easy and comfortable car to drive. Although this pre-loved car is available very affordably under R120,000, it is not at all dingy or run-down. With a well-spaced boot, comfortable backseat and adjustable steering wheel, the Hyundai i20 is an all-round efficient, safe and hardy car.

Kia Rio

The Kia Rio has done away with “cheap” and replaced it with economical. It is rated positively across the board, embodying admirable performance and an array of attractive features that their competitors don’t offer. It provides an enjoyable day-to-day drive and handles turns and corners with notable ease. Rigged-out with bluetooth connectivity, air-conditioning, power steering and so much more, the Kia Rio packs a nice little punch.

Ideal for day-to-day city venturing, and furnished to a tee with upgraded technology, safety features and pleasantries, these hardy cars are at the top of the list for pre-loved cars under R120,000.