BMW Vs Mercedes-Benz - Which used car trumps which
July 2021

BMW Vs Mercedes-Benz - Which used car trumps which?

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have long been fierce competitors in the luxury car market, but how do these brands compare when pre-owned? We’ve composed a list of key differences between the two.


Both brands produce top-quality looks but while Mercedes-Benz produces a lavish-looking exterior with smooth lines, BMW opts for a sportier look with harsh angles. In terms of interior design, Mercedes-Benz comes out on top with their superior attention to detail and first class finishes. This is evident when comparing the C Class and 3 Series. Mercedes-Benz also has the larger lineup of the two, but BMW has a wider electric and hybrid range.

Performance and Quality

Car enthusiasts tend to agree that the BMW is a driver’s car with higher performance. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz is designed for quality and comfort with more bells and whistles and a solid feel. However, BMW trumps Mercedes-Benz in fuel consumption and emissions. Mercedes-Benz leads the two in safety features such as, radar assisted cruise control, SONAR, lane monitoring and active brake assist to name a few.

Maintenance and Reliability

When comparing reliability, there are many factors to consider such as models and engine types however Mercedes-Benz has a tendency to come out on top. Consumers generally agree that Mercedes-Benz used cars have better longevity, this is clearly shown in the amount of older Mercedes-Benz models that can be seen on the road, compared to BMW. BMWs have the highest maintenance costs of the two, however they can be easier to upgrade and maintain at home.



Mercedes-Benz and BMW are luxury car brands therefore the difference in price is much of a muchness, even when considering used cars.

Both brands offer excitement when you own them and are top-tier in technology, design and comfort. They offer unique features and cater to different preferences, consequently the answer to the question of which used car trumps which will differ from person to person.